Info on Midwifery

What it is: Midwifery is maternity care for healthy, low-risk women during pregnancy, birth and 6 weeks afterwards for mom and baby.
Who pays: It is paid for by the provincial government so there is no cost to the woman.
What is included: All the regular tests and ultrasounds can be ordered by your midwife and many commonly needed medications as well. This includes pain medication in labour.
Home visits: For the first 1-2 weeks after your baby is born, your Midwife will visit you in your home.
Where to give birth: Midwives can help women in birth at either the hospital or in the woman’s home. Women who are healthy and have had a normal pregnancy with easy access to the hospital can choose to have a home birth with a Midwife. In some situations, the Midwife may recommend birthing in a hospital.
Teams: Midwives work in small teams so that women will know the Midwife who is with them during birth. Currently, Sarah and Jenn (who practices in Parksville- see clients in each town during pregnancy so that if they are covering for the other Midwife, the woman will be familiar with the Midwife present at their birth.
Complications: Most women and babies don’t need to see a Doctor during their pregnancy or in birth when they choose a Midwife. If a woman or baby requires the help of a Doctor, the Midwife can consult with the Doctor and in most cases, continue to care for the woman and baby with the additional care of the Doctor. Occasionally, in rare situations, a woman or baby becomes high risk and needs to be transferred to a doctor permanently. Midwives frequently consult with Obstetricians, Anesthesiologists, Endocrinologists, Pediatricians and others.
Informed Choice: In all of our care, we strive to empower women and their families to have individualized care that upholds their values and decisions. Midwives educate their clients on current evidence, guidelines and local policies to help the woman navigate through the childbearing time with information. Midwives support women to ultimately make decisions for herself and her baby. For this reason, we book appointments that last 30-60 min, depending on how much needs to be talked about so that there is time to give information and ask questions.

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